Blocked services and companies

The use of services provided by the following companies is blocked by Canvasbay because of the fact that these companies do not comply with their policies and we do not negotiate on any element that would lower the quality of our services or pose a security threat.

1) Microsoft is blocked: If you create an account on our website using an email address that is a product of Microsoft such as Hotmail or outlook, we will terminate your account and you will lose access to all your orders and downloads. You will then be expected to create another account that is not associated with Microsoft. We will help you to recover your orders from the terminated Microsoft account. Continuous violation by Microsoft has raised serious issues on ethical and moral grounds and pose the threat to the security and privacy of user data and we won’t tolerate it anymore.

This applies to all user accounts such as customers, vendors, and artists.

2) DHL is blocked: Vendors must not use DHL as a courier to ship products to our customers due to their hidden fees and lots of complaints raised by our customers in past. If any vendor ships with DHL, there will be a strike to his/her account which may also lead to a permanent closure of the account.


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